Tuesday, July 24, 2012

TSW: Dead Air, Part 2 (a fancomic)

Here's the continuation from this strip we made as a tribute to the mission "Dead Air" from The Secret World!

Let's just say that we tried everything we could, short of actually learning Morse code. There were programs that recorded sound files, programs that translated the sound files to text.... It was a lot of experimentation with a lot of bad results. There was a moment when I tried to actually translate it using a cheat sheet I googled, but then I realized that I couldn't tell the difference between the "dits" and the "dahs."

Eventually, we got tired of trying to figure it out ourselves (and we were nearing the point of /ragequit-ing) and just looked up the answer online. I'd link the actual YouTube video where we got the solution from but as it turns out, there's over a dozen YouTube videos about it by now and I don't remember which one we followed.

"Dead Air" was a really fun mission, and certainly one of the missions I will remember the most. I actually welcome more challenges like this, but maybe they can make them a little less dependent on hearing/listening skills.


  1. haha, nice comic
    I spent about 2 hours myself one this quest, i ended up frapsing it and playing it back like a million times in slow motion. Actually felt quite rewarding going to the co-ordinates and seeing the chopper.
    And you're going to like many of the Scorched Desert quests..

    1. Thanks! I'm looking forward to the next zones! Still stuck at Blue Mountain at the moment. I've heard rumors of another morse code mission though. Maybe it's time I learn it.

  2. Holy crap, I'll have this ditdah sequence memorized and in my dreams by the time I solve it.

  3. I actually downloaded a morse code app to my Android phone, held it up to the speakers and it translated the code in real time.