Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Warning: This Comic Might Induce Massive Facepalming

I'm trying to think of some witty commentary to go with this comic, but honestly speaking, this is just a sample of the random silly ideas I come up with with Dante while we're playing The Secret World. This isn't even the worst of our Agartha-themed jokes. There's the usual: "Agartha get outta here!" and "Agartha believe in magic...." And, of course, my personal favorite: "I just want to tell you how I'm feeling. Agartha make you understand.... Never gonna give you up...."


  1. Just discovered this blog after seeing your strip from the morse code mission in another site. I really enjoy your comics and feel very similar to you about TSW. Will be following you from now. Thanks for your work! Hope see you ingame, salutes you both Carolina (and Dante, too).

    Solomon "Books" Armitage

    1. Thanks, Ruben! We'll add you to our friends list the next time we log in :)

  2. How could this induce face-palming? We're talking about kick Lumies into a time-space-warp! That's my favorite sport!