Sunday, October 14, 2012

Wishing for Portal Guns

Hello, everyone! Don't fret, Error Quest is still very much around. ;) As we mentioned in our previous Torchlight 2-related post, things have been very hectic for us lately, so the blog was quiet for a while. There's always more gaming to be had, though!

Most recently, C finally got around to playing Portal. She finished it in a little less than four hours, and then she jumped right into Portal 2. She's on Chapter 3 (The Return) now, and thoroughly enjoying the experience. She does have one minor complaint, though: her installation of Portal 2 seems to be a bit buggy. Check it out:

Me, I've been getting around to playing Borderlands 2. Still not as much as I'd like (I have yet to make it to Sanctuary, sigh), but I have been taking my time looking around the initial areas and trying out the physics. The voice acting is as impressive as reviews say, and I agree that the game is definitely designed for co-op play. The mini-boss fight with Midge-Mong took way too long, although that may have been because my gear wasn't up to snuff at the time.

C will chime in with her own gaming update soon. :) Oh, and we'll be returning to The Secret World soon, around mid-November!

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