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Hello, and welcome to Error Quest!

We are Caroline (vitamindy) and Dante (quinnzap), and we started this blog as a place for us to share our thoughts on the games that we love. We both share an intense passion for gaming: whether it be video games, board games, or tabletop RPGs. You can probably say that it's what really brought us together. We don't always play the same games or have the same opinion about the games we play, and this blog is where we talk about just that. We hope that you will enjoy reading our posts. Feel free to share your thoughts with us!

Caroline Dy, a.k.a. vitamindy, works as a full-time game artist at Boomzap Entertainment working on titles such as Hoyle Enchanted Puzzles and Antique Road Trip: USA (available at Big Fish Games.) As a gamer, her favorites include classic adventure games such as the Quest for Glory series, Day of the Tentacle, and Indiana Jones: The Fate of Atlantis. She later on developed a passion for roleplaying games on the PC and a variety of consoles.

Dante Gagelonia, a.k.a. quinnzap, is a project coordinator of Mulat Pinoy under the Probe Media Foundation, and one of the event producers of GeekFight Trivia Night. He enjoys good stories in games, and is fond of elegant, flexible systems like those found in Betrayal at House on the Hill and contemporary Magic: The Gathering. The most defining adventure game experience in his youth was Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers, and he's loved urban fantasy ever since.

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